Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Ho hum, another day, another cookery programme. The latest person to court our taste buds is Sophie Dahl.

She seems, what with abundant displays of her cleavage and many a "come hither" look to be trying to out vamp Nigella Lawson (the glutton's crumpet - if you'll pardon the pun) which is to say that she manages to make herself look even more ridiculous.

Food and sex? I don't know. It's getting so that I can't even look a Banana Split in the eye without blushing. Don't even mention Knickerbocker Glories!

Cookery programmes are not what they were during their Golden Era which, to my mind, ran from the mid nineties to the first few years of this century.

That was the halcyon age of Keith Floyd, Sophie Grigson, Antonio Carlucci and Claudia Roden. The latter two were, arguably, my all time favourite examples of T.V. cookery programmes.

Antonio had the good taste to keep his cleavage to himself as he took us, week by week, on a tour of the various regions of Italy.

They all had their distinctive dishes and the avuncular Antonio showed us, in rich and colourful detail, the culture behind the cuisine. It wasn't about stuffing your face and I do not remember sex rearing its ugly head. It was entertaining, erudite and, as I have just proven, memorable.

Claudia Roden did the same for the countries bordering the Meditteranean and it was fascinating to see how one country's cuisine influenced that of another, often in unexpected ways.

These programmes treated us as intelligent, discerning adults, not greedy schoolboys with a crush on the French Mistress (Lawson and Dahl). They were a satisfying three course meal finished off with a good brandy in front of the fire as compared to the insubstantial t.v. "snacks" offered up to-day.

The present lot of hosts are a pretty unappetising lot, are they not? If they are not foul mouthed yobs (Ramsay) or hyperactive eternal schoolboys marinated in their own p.c. culinary self righteousness (Oliver), they are nice gels pretending to be sluts (Lawson and Dahl again).

Another cookery programme? No thanks, I'm not hungry!

Picture is of the inestimable Claudia Roden


  1. excellent post, I don't watch cookery programmes to be honest, I'd rather be cooking myself, not that I'm a great cook...

    Thanks for visiting my blog by the way

  2. Perhaps I am being presumptuous, Crafty, but I got a vibe (old hippy word that!) from your photo that you are probably a very good cook. The colour and balance of your blog just reinforced that impression. In my experience, people who have a good sense of colour are usually a success in the kitchen. Best wishes for a lovely Spring!

  3. Violet, they get me every time too. Hope life is treating you well!

  4. Hi John.
    I enjoyed reading this post. Your right: food should not be about sex. I get annoyed when people describe food as sexy. Yes food can be be pleasurable, but sexy. No. I admit to watching Nigella in her early days and was taken in by her charm and the way encouraged a mass of young women to develop an interest in cooking and baking, which is a good thing I think (same way JO has), but then came the sexual innuendos. I just couldn't watch the latter shows.

    In relation to Dahls new show. My husband actually walked out as soon as Sophie Dahl said something ridiculous, I can't remember it word for word, but it was something along the lines of 'stealing from the mouths of starving children' when she was promo. her fudge last week. It was cringing.

    Are we looking at the cooking/dishes or the beautiful people or are we hankering after a 'lifestyle' that doesn't exist. Forgive the rant. I have enjoyed reading your post and wish cookery shows were just that, about the food, history and techniques.

  5. A modest erudite and enjoyable "rant", Mangocheeks. I won't always be talking about food, but you are welcome to come and "rant" anytime you wish. Best to you and yours.

  6. Thanks for your comment about my presumed cooking skills!